About us

Connecting people to and through

arts, culture, and education.

What we believe.


We believe helping organizations that educate and entertain will inspire the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers.


We’ll always put your guests at the center of the experience. People first, digital follows. Always.


Problems are complex. By breaking them down into digestible, actionable tactics, however, the complex becomes, well… simple.


We believe creating human connections will augment your mission and revenue goals.


We believe in tangible deliverables with tangible outcomes. 


People, processes, and technology are all important. However, it’s the keen intersection of the three, working in tandem, where transformation happens.


We’ve proved that having the best partners and teams in place will reduce costs and deliver the best results possible.


The best things happen when it’s “we” versus “us and them.” We quickly adapt to your organization as one team, get to the root cause, and turn complexity into simplicity.


We believe optimism is greater than naysaying.


We believe in the “done with you” versus “done for you” model. 

How we work.

Our process and teams are modular by design. A kit of best practices and a bench of best folks. From strategy to building and managing a full-service superteam, we bring what’s needed… nothing more, nothing less.


We immerse ourselves in your organization to understand what’s working, what’s not, and create a strategy to solve your most challenging and complex problems.


Planning is the gap between having a strategy and creating tangible outcomes. We’ll help you determine next steps, bring on the right partners (even run your RFPs), and assemble the team.


Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. We work alongside your team to make strategy tangible. We manage, execute, and measure while giving your staff the long-term skills they need to own and grow the result.

About Steven.

Portrait photo of Steven.

Steven Beasley is principal of Field Theory and has spent his career at the intersection of entertainment, education and technology.

Before founding Field Theory, Steven was Senior Director of Digital Experience at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. In his 14 years at the Museum, he pushed the Museum’s mission and digital strategy forward by leading teams to create thoughtful digital experiences for guests and students in the exhibit gallery, classroom, and at home. 

Prior to the Museum he spent a decade at Jellyvision and MusicNow managing and creating digital entertainment, games, mobile, and education products and services for companies like Disney, Best Buy, Autodesk, Compass Learning, and others.