The doctors will see you now.



  • Guided multi-screen interactive experience transforms the classroom to the doctor’s office.
  • Students meet one of three different patients and go through the exact steps doctors do to diagnose and treat a patient.
  • Developed in collaboration with NIH and the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine.

How do you inspire students to pursue careers in medicine? Put them in the role of a physician and let them (safely) try their hand.

The Museum of Science and Industry’s Welcome to Science Initiative helps children achieve their full potential in science by creating learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, and removing barriers that exclude them from participating.

As part of this initiative, MSI has long offered groundbreaking add-on lab experiences for visiting students on field trips. The challenge of these experiences is one of limited capacity, resources, and geography. Only students able to visit MSI in-person and lucky enough to score a spot are able to participate.

MedLab is a digital experience that allows students to assume the role of doctors from their own classroom. Using a SMARTboard or projector and a handful of iPads working together, the 45-minute multi-screen experience takes students through a real-life medical scenario. Guided by a virtual attending doctor at the front of the classroom, the student doctors meet and interview the patient. They then work individually or in groups on their iPads to take the patient’s vitals, conduct clinical tests, form a diagnosis, and prescribe treatment. 

Patient interview waveform.
Teacher control screen showing instructions and student tablet status.
Pulse screen with child's arm and controls.
View of white blood cells via virtual microscope.
Vial full of blood on screen.
DNA sequencing with controls on screen.
Screen with treatment options.

The content for MedLab was developed in collaboration with the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and funded by the National Institute of Health.